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What is National Voter Registration Day?
National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) is a nonpartisan holiday that’s recognized annually on the fourth Tuesday of September to observe our collective efforts to address barriers that impede civic participation. This year’s civic holiday will be held on Tuesday, September 28.

Why Should Nonprofits Participate in National Voter Registration Day?
The answer is simple. Political candidates and incumbents seek out and engage with communities that have higher voter turnout rates, making them accountable to both nonprofit organizations and communities served by charitable institutions. Participating in National Voter Registration Day allows nonprofit organizations to leverage their unparalleled reach to optimize participation among staff, volunteers, affiliate members, and the communities we serve. Nonprofits have long served as a bridge between government and community – a role that has ultimately defined America. Engaging voters in communities served by nonprofits establishes a vibrant marketplace of community-driven solutions for constituents to educate decision makers, express dissenting opinions, and inform policy solutions. Sign on as a partner today and join the thousands of groups working hand-in-hand to build the most inclusive democracy America has ever known.

Nonprofit Mission: We The People Must Build a More Perfect and Inclusive Democracy
Nonprofits remain united in our shared commitment to ensure that the ballot box is accessible to all who are eligible. Nonprofit VOTE’s “Nonprofit Power “report concluded that “nonpartisan voter engagement conducted by nonprofits has its biggest turnout impact among these target groups contributing to a more representative electorate.” The structural inequalities deeply embedded in participatory democracy have undoubtedly imposed barriers to fair and equal access. These disparities are more apparent than ever as the most effective tool of civic participation has been challenged by restrictive policies that seek to undermine the very principles upon which our democracy was built. With each election, millions of volunteers dedicate themselves to sustaining the backbone of democracy – which relies on nonprofits to not only ensure that elections are conducted efficiently, but to also help to develop an informed electorate. Robust voter education campaigns will continue to be a lifeline for voters as policymakers continue to enact new electoral policies and procedures. To commemorate the 58th anniversary of the historic March on Washington civil rights leaders have organized a National Voting Rights protest that will be held on Saturday, August 28th. Independent Sector is happy to announce its support for the upcoming march and has coordinated a 1-hour, legal observer training with the National Lawyers Guild that will be held on Friday, August 27th from 12:45-1:45PM EST. During this “Know your Rights” training attendees will learn how they can safely engage in peaceful assembly while also learning how they can protect the rights of others’.

Nonprofit Voter Engagement Drives Nonprofit Impact
As the third largest employer, nonprofits interface with the nation’s most diverse communities. Our expansive networks, coupled with our natural engagement assets, make nonprofits a well-suited partner and impartial source to stakeholders and voters. This makes us unequivocally equipped to offer solutions that address essential needs for elections, including the need for diverse election workers to staff in-person voting locations and professionals to recruit and train volunteers. It’s incumbent upon nonprofits to ensure that equitable voting options are available to support voters with disabilities, populations without reliable access to mail service, and constituents who require language assistance.

Voter engagement doesn’t begin and end with the general election. The nonprofit sector is an economic powerhouse, charitable organizations possess the capacity to mobilize 12.3 million employees across 1.5 million organizations of donors, volunteers, and residents. As the most reliable source of information, nonprofits are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the full promise of participatory democracy is afforded to all.

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