Up Your Policy and Advocacy Game at Upswell

This November at Upswell, changemakers like you from across the country will converge in Chicago to put your collective experience and insights toward fresh ideas and innovative solutions that will energize your mission work to strengthen communities and make our country a place where all can thrive.

With the 2020 elections just 14 months away, take advantage of a variety of Upwell workshops and activities that will:

  • Get you up to speed on policy issues of importance to the sector, your organization, and your community;
  • Encourage your full participation in shaping and rallying around a policy agenda that best serves sector needs; and
  • Sharpen your skills and ability to unleash the power of nonpartisan advocacy to advance issues that address your mission and the communities you serve.

Upswell workshops will focus on what the philanthropic community learned from the 2016 elections, how to use those learnings as the 2020 election cycle heats up to keep everyone abreast of issues that directly impact them, and how to make sure the 2020 candidates address your organization’s most critical issues.

Feeling shaky about your advocacy skills? Need a nonpartisan civic engagement confidence boost? There’s a workshop for that! Increase your comfort level around engaging year-round with lawmakers on the issues you care about, advise board members how they can leverage advocacy, and demonstrate to others how community engagement can drive policy change and hold government accountable.

You also can learn about helping community members become agents of change, encouraging youth advocacy or civic engagement by individuals with disabilities, empowering environmental advocates, as well as how to boost your storytelling game for a compelling narrative that could lead to a policy remedy.

Looking to leverage partnerships that focus on commonalities, rather than differences? We got you covered. Get up to speed on “rural and urban” community collaborations that are busting stereotypes to make a difference, and how you can mobilize diverse community groups to advocate for equitable opportunities and outcomes.

Policy and advocacy are always on the agenda at Upswell Chicago. You’ll have plenty of opportunities (too numerous to mention here!) to become an expert on the sector’s most pressing concerns. And you’ll enhance your engagement and advocacy skills so you can ensure that issues impacting your organization and those you serve are heard and addressed by policymakers who can make a difference.

But first, are you registered for Upswell? If you are, great! And if not, we’re advocating for you to register right now!

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