Tweet Today to Protect Charities from Partisan Politics

Like birds, individual charitable organizations seem relatively innocuous, even cute. But when a flock of birds are coming at you, you take them seriously.

This week, Congress is debating a final spending bill for Fiscal Year 2018. In that debate, they are considering a provision that would weaken the Johnson Amendment, a 60 year-old law that protects charities from partisan politics.  If passed, this change could result in charities being pressured to use their trusted voices and resources to sway elections.  It also threatens the future of the charitable deduction, donor privacy, and the public’s trust in the nonprofit sector.

Now is the time for charities to flock together to ensure policymakers take seriously our opposition to any effort to weaken the Johnson Amendment. Take to Twitter today to let Congressional leaders know how weakening current law would damage charitable organizations’ ability to serve their communities.


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