Research Round Robin: July 2021

On Trust: Majority Remain Confident in Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector

For the second year in a row, Independent Sector published original findings on trust in civil society from a research study conducted in partnership with Edelman Data & Intelligence. The 2021 Independent Sector Trust in Civil Society survey finds, overall, that trust across all institutions is declining, but a majority of Americans remain confident in the ability of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector to strengthen U.S. society.

Key themes from the 2021 Independent Sector Trust in Civil Society survey include:

  • Institutional trust is declining – and nonprofits and philanthropy are not immune to this trend. Trust in all institutions is returning to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Trust disparities deepen and align with broader social trends. For example, Americans with lower incomes, lower levels of education, and residents of rural areas have consistently less trust in the sector than their wealthier, more educated peers.
  • Public confidence in the sector (nonprofits and philanthropy) as a force for good remains.
  • Civic action and trust reinforce one another. Sizable majorities say trust is a necessary factor for them to support nonprofit organizations.
  • Greater engagement breeds trust. People who are familiar with nonprofits and philanthropy are more likely to trust them.
  • Purpose and integrity fuel trust in individual nonprofits, but sector drivers are less clear.

More on the study: Trust in Civil Society 2021


Charitable Giving Expected to Return to Pre-Pandemic Patterns in 2021

Charitable giving will likely return to pre-pandemic patterns this year, potentially resulting in declines in year-over-year revenue for human service charities whose programs were in high demand in 2020, according to a new report from GivingTuesday’s Data Commons research arm.

More on the study: Giving in Unprecedented Times


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