“An Organization Does Not Equal a User”

Last week, our senior leaders, Jeff Moore and Victor Reinoso, described the beginning of our partnership with Civilla, a Detroit-based nonprofit design studio. Though in the home stretch of their month-long tour in Detroit, our four colleagues have had a busy week. On Tuesday, our senior leadership team paid them a visit. Yesterday, our team in Civilla shared a little about that visit and answered some questions from our team back in DC in a special call-in episode of Civilla’s One Billion podcast.

In the call-in episode, we asked our colleagues at Civilla many questions about how their work there will translate into Independent Sector’s culture, business model, and engagement strategy. One of the most astute realizations from their use of human-centered design was that our organization-centric focus does not account for individual users. Or, as one of their hundreds of post-it notes in Civilla’s space says, “An organization does not equal a user.”

Here are some highlights from our colleagues’ past week in Detroit, including the full Q&A between our DC and Detroit fleets in the February 2 call-in show:

Monday, January 30

Tuesday, January 31

Thursday, February 2

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