June Member Anniversaries

Independent Sector’s members represent the variety of ways that working toward the common good happens in our country, and they reflect an array of unique visions for making a better tomorrow.

Each month, we also get to ring in a number of member-versaries. Check out this month’s anniversaries, and spend some time learning more about each of these organizations!

15 years

The Center for Effective Philanthropy

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) has been an Independent Sector member for nearly the same number of years they’ve been around. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, CEP received initial funding in 2001, produced its first publication in 2002, and went on to produce their first grantee and applicant perception reports in 2003. Through assessments, research, its programs, and advisory services, CEP continues to provide resources and services aimed at helping philanthropic funders improve their effectiveness. The center is led by Phil Buchanan, the organization’s first and only chief executive. In addition to the content Phil pens for CEP reports and their blog, he’s a frequent contributor to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Earlier this year, he penned this review of New Power, co-authored by Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans.

Learn more | Twitter: @CEPData | Facebook: Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) | Follow Phil Buchanan: @philxbuchanan

3 years

Benefits Data Trust

Founded in 2006, Philadelphia-based Benefits Data Trust (BDT) saw an opportunity to leverage data to more effectively deliver essential public benefits to people in need. As important to a thriving health and human services system is a user-centric, efficient, and cost-effective way of making sure individuals and families get the help they need to put them on a path of economic mobility. And when systems work to effectively deliver benefits, communities are stronger—such is the vision of BDT. Ginger Zielinskie is the organization’s leader. She was also one of the finalists in a powerhouse field of finalists for our 2017 American Express NGen Leadership Award that included Blair Glencorse of Accountability Lab, Laura Wiedman Powers of Code 2040, Cesar Gonzales of Starting Bloc, and winner Sarah Eagle Heart of Native Americans in Philanthropy.

Learn more | Twitter: @BeneDataTrust | Facebook: Benefits Data Trust | Follow Ginger Zielinskie: @GingerBDT

Gazelles Social Initiatives

As part of Gazelles, Inc., the Miami-based Gazelles Social Initiatives is the arm of the leadership effectiveness and capacity-building network that is focused specifically on the social sector. The larger executive education and coaching network that is Gazelles is led by Verne Harnish. Gazelles Social Initiatives is led by Gil Bonwitt who, with his wife Elise Scheck Bonwitt, founded the social impact-focused arm of Gazelles in 2015. Their organization has been an IS member since its inception.

Learn more | Twitter: @GazellesInc | Facebook: Gazelles, Inc. | Follow Gil Bonwitt: @GBonwitt

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