Join Mission Monday to Protect the Johnson Amendment

Last week, we highlighted the importance of the Johnson Amendment and its long-standing protection of nonpartisanship in the nonprofit sector.

Today, we urge you to join Independent Sector, nonprofit organizations, and houses of worship across the country to participate in Mission Monday.

Mission Monday (#MissionMonday) is designed as a powerful social media effort to celebrate and focus on the missions of our houses of worship and nonprofits and to raise awareness for the need to protect the Johnson Amendment.

Without the Johnson Amendment, places of worship and nonprofit organizations could be solicited for political donations and endorsements, upending their nonpartisan nature.

How it Works

Visit the Thunderclap site to lend you support and choose your favored social media platform. At 2pm today, the message you see below will be sent:

“Churches and #nonprofits want to serve their missions, not candidates. Protect the #JohnsonAmendment. #MissionMonday”

Join thousands of voices to protect nonpartisanship.

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