Independent Sector Statement on Federal Overtime Regulation

(WASHINGTON, November 23, 2016) — Independent Sector believes deeply that individuals should have the opportunity to earn a life-sustaining wage, and that charitable organizations should be guided by the balanced approach of effectively advancing their missions while striving to pay wages that allow employees to provide adequately for their families. To that end, we support an increase in the salary threshold for eligibility to receive overtime compensation. It is unacceptable that the current threshold, last updated in 2004, falls below the federal poverty level for a family of four.

Throughout the rulemaking process we have urged that the increased salary threshold be implemented in a way that would allow charitable organizations to absorb the additional cost associated with the rule over a period of time. We stand ready to work with federal officials to arrive at a policy outcome that advances these interests.


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Types: Press Release
Global Topics: Public Policy
Policy Issues: Nonprofit Operations, Overtime Pay Regulations