Independent Sector Condemns Deadly Riot and Disruption of Democracy

Protecting fair elections is imperative to healthy and equitable civil society and nation

(WASHINGTON, January 6, 2021) – Daniel J. Cardinali, President and CEO of Independent Sector, issues the following statement:

“Independent Sector firmly believes that people in America have the right to come together and use their civic voice to express ideas and beliefs to elected leaders.

As a matter of principle, we deplore violence, intimidation, and vandalism, especially which jeopardize the peaceful transition of U.S. democratic power, as we saw in Washington, DC today. A line was clearly crossed. By any metric, this is unacceptable as it jeopardizes public safety, puts people’s lives at risk, and derails our revered election system.

The actions that we and the world witnessed today at the U.S. Capitol – which turned into a deadly riot – go against our nation’s shared value of accepting and honoring the democratic tradition of letting American citizens elect their leaders and following a peaceful transition of political power.

We welcome the fact that the 2020 election – which finished today in Georgia – resulted in a historic turnout of voters of all political backgrounds in our nation’s cities, suburbs, and rural communities. We support the practice of daily democracy in America, as well as nonviolence in our communities.

Social change in society occurs through peaceful civic participation and the casting, counting, and certification of votes – actions that we must stand collectively together to protect so all of us – in our diverse nation – can thrive.”


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Bradley Wong

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