Dan Cardinali, Marc Morial, and James Siegal on Infrastructure

In an op-ed published on Medium, Dan Cardinali (Independent Sector), Marc Morial (National Urban League), James Siegal (KABOOM!) consider Building Our Nation’s Infrastructure Beyond Roads and Bridges:

“In the depths of the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration was credited with putting nearly 8.5 million Americans back to work. Today, we find ourselves in a similar moment of economic and social distress. With double-digit unemployment that could linger well into 2021, the question of a bold, national infrastructure program is top-of-mind once again as the Trump administration prepares a one trillion dollar infrastructure spending package.

This is a welcome development. But as we consider an infrastructure investment for a modern era, it is time to re-evaluate what truly constitutes “infrastructure.” In an increasingly complex world, it’s too narrow-minded to classify infrastructure as simply the world of bridges, highways, and dams. We must invest in infrastructure that strengthens our civic bonds across the country, puts people back to work, delivers equitable outcomes for communities of color and indigenous communities that have borne the brunt of this pandemic. This is ambitious and it is possible through a strong partnership between nonprofits and local governments.”

Read the full article here.

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