By March 31: Tell Us How the 2020 Election Will Impact Nonprofits

Super Tuesday confirms that political and policy conversations can shift rapidly during an election year.  Political pundits are debating the “electability” of candidates. But many of us in the nonprofit sector are wondering how our work will be impacted — depending on who gets elected — and the role nonprofits will play in this year’s electoral process.

Rather than speculate, we’ll consider those questions and answers during the 2020 Symposium on Public Policy, set for May 18 in Washington, DC and co-hosted by Independent Sector and the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).

Would you like to share your thoughts on how the 2020 election will impact nonprofits? By 11:59 pm on Tuesday March 31, submit a short, 600-word proposal on:

  • Your perspective on how a specific public policy proposed in the 2020 presidential campaign would impact nonprofit and philanthropic organizations; or
  • An analyses of nonprofit-relevant election and democracy issues.

Selected authors will be invited to write longer perspectives (2,000 or 4,000 words, depending on the track) and present in-person at the May 18 symposium. Learn more about the symposium, and details on proposal submissions, due March 31.

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