Act Now to Stop Efforts to Weaken the Johnson Amendment


This week, House appropriators are considering a bill that would weaken the Johnson Amendment by withholding funds to enforce the law for religious organizations.

On July 13, the House Appropriations Committee will be marking-up the Financial Services and Government Appropriations Act (FSGA) of FY 2018, which would substantially weaken the law that protects charitable organizations from political pressure to endorse candidates. The specific language added to this legislation weakens the Internal Revenue Services’ ability to investigate churches suspected of breaking rules unless the IRS commissioner approves it and Congress is notified ahead of time.

Take Action Today!

Act now to prevent this effort to weaken the Johnson Amendment. Before Thursday, please contact your representatives, particularly if they serve on the House Appropriations Committee, and urge them to remove the Johnson Amendment rider (Section 116) from the bill. Call or email and say, “I’m your constituent and I ask you to remove the Johnson Amendment language in Section 116 from the Financial Services appropriations bill.”

Learn more about the Johnson Amendment on our website and join us for Our Common Future in Detroit October 25-27 where we’ll work as a sector to develop our collective responses to these policy developments.


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