Upswell Pop-Up #7

Past Event
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

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Event Details

In a deeply uncertain political environment, one thing is sure: the election will end.

Ballots will be counted, the election certified, and a new term of the presidency will begin. Of course, we have anxious questions about how those things will happen. But rather than dwelling on what might happen next, our opportunity as changemakers is to focus ourselves on what can happen next.

So, you’re invited to a special Upswell Pop-Up about the 2020 election.

Together, we’ll carefully analyze the election results, recalibrate our minds and spirits, and investigate the opportunities and challenges that lie immediately before us.

  • Preeminent election reform expert Daniel Weiner of the Brennan Center for Justice will explore actionable strategies for creating a sustained, equitable, and multi-racial polity in which everyone has a voice.
  • David Brooks, one of the nation’s most astute diagnosticians of the American democratic condition, will analyze the election results and propose methods for rebuilding trust in the country.
  • Distinguished community builder Fred Riley will dive into the research and science behind strengthening social trust in our communities.
  • Independent Sector’s Dan Cardinali will make sense how the election’s outcome will reshape civil society.
  • Mindfulness practitioners Shakiyla Smith and Nathan Moore will show how the theory of radical acceptance can empower us in these uneasy times.

We don’t yet know what awaits us in the weeks ahead. But no matter what, we have vital work to accomplish together if we’re going to strengthen our nation.