Reclaiming Democracy: Protecting Nonprofit Assets Through the Right to Protest

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Friday, September 24, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:10 PM (ET)

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The right to peacefully assemble has long served as an effective vehicle for systemic change and advocacy. Many of the freedoms that are enjoyed today were achieved through democratic activities such as demonstrations, constituent participation, public assembly, and community organizing.

In response to the recent surge in community activism, policymakers have championed an array of measures to deter peaceful assembly. During the 2021 legislative session alone, over 80 restrictive policies were proposed or enacted in 34 state legislatures.

Join us to learn about the historic increase in anti-protest proposals, how such policies impact a broad range of nonprofit missions, and what you can do to protect this vital tool to build healthier, more equitable communities.

Without public assembly, many constituents – particularly marginalized communities – will be left without a platform to make their voices heard, engage in civic activities, express dissenting opinions, and inform policy solutions. Nonprofits’ ability to advance our missions and policy priorities hinges upon our willingness to protect this civil liberty for both nonprofits and the communities we serve.

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