Make the Case for Marketing Investment

Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM (ET)

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This event is part 7 of the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto series.

Why do nonprofits consistently underinvest in marketing?

It’s simple. Marketing has a reputation for being a luxury rather than a mission-critical necessity in the nonprofit sector, and donors and funders who demand a reduction in “overhead” only perpetuate the problem.

It’s time to change the conversation about nonprofit marketing budgets, once and for all. On this interactive webinar, we’ll discuss the importance of securing a healthy marketing budget for your nonprofit and teach you how to advocate for the marketing investment you need to drive real change.

You’ll hear from Kevin Radelet, executive director of The Leukemia Research Foundation, and Tabitha Upshaw, CMO of Global Wildlife Conservation, both of whom are in the process of changing how their organizations think about and handle marketing investment.

Only 18% of marketers and communicators surveyed in the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report ranked themselves as “proficient” at budgeting, so this is an area with great opportunities for growth. If you need to improve the way you think about, talk about and develop your nonprofit’s marketing budget, don’t miss this webinar.

You’ll learn:

  • Why investing in marketing is critical for advancing your nonprofit’s mission
  • How to develop a nonprofit marketing budget in alignment with your operating budget and goals and benchmark against other organizations
  • How to make the case for a marketing investment with a leadership team, board, donors or funders who aren’t sold on the importance of marketing
  • How to think about your staff as a marketing investment
  • How Kevin and Tabitha think about and advocate for marketing investment at their two organizations
  • How marketing budgeting differs at small organizations like Leukemia Research Foundation versus large organizations like Global Wildlife Conservation

From this series of 13 webinars, you’ll learn about 10 commitments effective organizations must make in order to drive maximum mission impact through marketing. See the full schedule and check “sign up for all webinars” if you want to automatically be registered for all sessions.

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