33 Principles In 33 Minutes: Guide To Good Governance, Part 3

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Tuesday, October 23 - Tuesday, October 23, 2018 1:00 PM - 1:33 PM (ET)

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Boards Chairs & Executive Directors – Creating a Strong Strategic Partnership

Boards Chairs and executive directors have a special relationship. When that relationship is strong and healthy, Board Chairs and executive directors work in strategic partnership to ensure the nonprofit’s mission is the primary focus of every effort. But, too often, this partnership can become strained – leading to high turn-over rates for executive directors, with citing “working with the board” as a primary reason they leave their positions. Meanwhile, boards are challenged to find the best ways to recruit, support, and retain the best executive directors.

In this webinar we will be focusing on the dynamic relationship between the nonprofit board and executive director . We’ll cover the board’s roles and responsibilities in hiring, evaluating, supporting and retaining top talent, and share strategies for developing a strong strategic partnership between the board and executive director that can lead to better student outcomes.

This event is the third of three online sessions in the 33 Principles in 33 Minutes series. Follow links below to view material from previous webinar, and register for the next one.

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