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Wake Up, 2016 is Here

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In these quiet hours of August you may be seeking a bit of refuge from the fast heating up presidential politics and the kind of issues we tend to talk about here. And you surely deserve a break. Sadly the reality is that an early and intense battle for the hearts and minds of American voters is well underway, and I would be remiss if I didn’t urge you to get involved now when there is opportunity to make a difference.


Going Farther Together

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The prolific Nature magazine essayist Stephen Jay Gould once paraphrased 19th century Russian thinker Kropotkin: “the struggle for existence usually leads to mutual aid rather than combat as the chief criterion of evolutionary success.” The notion of interdependency has been the subject of much discussion during our gatherings across the country, as part of our sharing with 15 communities the trends that we believe are likely to affect their work long into the future.


Doing the Right Thing

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It borders on cliché to say our democracy is only as good as the people who seek to serve it. But it is also true. Political candidates of necessity must be honest and transparent. 


Is Something Holding Us Back?

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Throughout 2015 Independent Sector is convening community conversations across the country to identify opportunities and challenges for our sector, as well as ways IS can better support solutions. An early observation from our first community conversation in New York is that something is holding us back.


Privacy vs. Transparency

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There are important questions to consider in the tension between when transparency should be the abiding principle and when privacy ought to be protected. I guess one might as well ask: in this age, is anything ever private anymore? And does it matter?



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