Proven Strategies for Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Howard Ross, Cook Ross

This action plan offers a clear explanation of unconscious bias and how it affects your actions and behavior at work. By understanding our biases, especially the unconscious ones, we become aware of hidden factors that influence our behaviors and decision making and what we can to do mitigate them.

Written by Cook Ross, considered to be one of the leading practitioners working with the public and private sectors on how to combat the effects of unconscious bias in an organizational setting, this piece outlines steps to identify our unconscious biases both as individuals and as organizations. It provides 10 strategies to mitigate unconscious biases effectively and highlights case studies of two companies that have successfully implemented measures to counteract biases.

Cook Ross has written other white papers and toolkits on the topic of unconscious bias that may be helpful after reading this piece.

Global Topics: Race, Equity, and Inclusion
Focus Areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Resource Types: Publication