Nonprofits and the Art of the Earmark


Congressionally directed spending – commonly known as “earmarks” – gives nonprofits the opportunity to tap into a new and one-time source of federal money to support their work serving people in communities.

Earmarks are complicated: They take time to understand, process, and complete. They also require a relationship with a member of the U.S. Congress to move an application forward in the process. Both House and Senate members can support them.

The earmark process for 2023 is getting underway. To help determine if your nonprofit wants to pursue an earmark – and how to do so – Independent Sector is sharing three webinars led by Steve Taylor, Principal at Integer, a consulting firm that focuses on economic and nonprofit policy. Taylor is the former Senior Vice President and Counsel for Public Policy at United Way Worldwide. If you have questions, please contact him at

Integer’s Series on Earmarks:

Webinar Part 1: A high-level overview of earmarks

Webinar Part 2: Covering new General Accountability Office (GAO) data and implications

Webinar Part 3: Covering new bipartisan policy data and implications

Key Insights

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