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Though charitable nonprofits have a vested interest in prioritizing racial equity, many organizations struggle to understand how the concept of racial equity intersects with their mission, beyond representation and inclusion.

Equitable Platforms & Reforms

Racial inequities are not random; they have been created and sustained over time. Without intentional intervention, institutions and structures will continue to perpetuate disparities in oppressed communities that have been disproportionately impacted. Implementing equitable policies across the political spectrum requires a full evaluation and analysis of the policies and practices that inform the most important decisions across all sectors.

Build Organizational Capacity

Good public governance can only be achieved when the systems and policies that sustain it are equitable to all citizens alike. When equipped with the necessary tools to build on and strengthen racial equity practices for themselves, member organizations, and networks, nonprofits can drive theories of systemic change into action. Help to inform equitable solutions for the future by placing racial equity at the center of policymaking today.

We applaud your commitment to transform public discourse and look forward to partnering with nonprofits across a broad range of missions to advance equitable public policies. Download the resource to access a comprehensive list of equitable policy tools, frameworks, reforms, and evidence-based practices.

Systemic & Sustainable Change

Many inequities that are deeply embedded in the apparatus of legislative and regulatory policy, have continued to ramify into the present despite significant reforms and progress. As the nation’s third-largest employer, nonprofits possess the ability to cut through the red tape of bureaucratic obstacles by incorporating equitable policy platforms into their existing policy agenda and remaining steadfast in our efforts to ensure that elected officials who are accountable to underserved communities integrate explicit consideration of racial equity in every form of policymaking, including practices, programs, and appropriations in every level of government.

Racial Equity Challenge

February 22-28, 2021

How can your organization challenge its commitment to ensure equitable outcomes across a broad range of nonprofit missions and policy agendas? In celebration of Black History Month, Independent Sector is hosting a Racial Equity In Policy Week of Action, February 22-28 to promote equitable policy solutions that advance the nonprofit sector’s efforts to support COVID-19 recovery and civic infrastructure needs.

This week-long campaign, described below, is designed to help participating organizations seamlessly integrate equitable reforms through tools, evidence-based practices, and resources. Help elevate equitable policies for the future by signing up as a Campaign Partner today. Join our pursuit to shape public discourse by supporting daily actions that dismantle profound and persisting inequities.


Equitable Policy Toolkit

Tools and resources for achieving racial equity in policymaking

Social Media

Shareable messages and graphics to help educate and motivate your network


Shareable infographic about applying racial equity to nonprofit advocacy work

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