2017 American Express Leadership Award Finalists

Sarah Eagle Heart

Sarah Eagle Heart, Oglala Lakota, is an accomplished and internationally experienced executive focused on education and advocacy on behalf of Indigenous Peoples as the CEO for Native Americans in Philanthropy since September 2015.

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Blair Glencorse

Blair Glencorse is leading a movement for accountability and integrity around the world through the Accountability Lab. The Lab works in communities to make governments more accountable and to open-up civic space- using the arts, media, culture and technology.

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Cesar Gonzalez

Cesar believes that for the first time in human history we have the real opportunity, the tools and the will to build a world that works for everyone. As CEO of StartingBloc, his lives out this belief by supporting leaders of change to build the skills, the alliances, and the strength they will need to bend the arc of history.

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Laura Weidman Powers

Laura Weidman Powers is the co-founder and CEO of Code2040, a nonprofit that aims to close the racial wealth gap in America by creating pathways to success in the innovation economy for Black and Latinx technologists.

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Ginger Zielinskie

Ginger Zielinskie, President & CEO of Benefits Data Trust, leads a diverse and dedicated team committed to transforming how people in need access public benefits and services.

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