Working with the Next Administration

In August, we reported that we had started meeting with the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

With the Election just a week away, we’re happy to share that we have had positive meetings with the staff of both campaigns and have started the process of identifying key charitable sector leaders who could offer expertise on the transition teams of either candidate. We are also pleased to share that both campaigns discussed at length with us their administration’s desire to govern with the charitable sector as their partner and with the goal of healing a divided nation.

This election cycle has been contentious and oftentimes divisive, but the charitable sector has a unique role in representing the voices of the individuals and communities in shaping policies, creating social change, and unifying our country to move us forward. Public opinion polling we commission in early 2016, summarized in our report, United for Charity, illustrates that Americans expect us to embrace that role.

In fact, 87 percent of voters polled believed that “charities have experts in so many fields, and our elected officials should consider their perspective in the policy making process.”

To that end, Independent Sector has identified close to 100 experts from our member organizations who have volunteered to serve on the transition teams for the Trump and Clinton campaigns.

Just a week after the election, Independent Sector will be gathering leaders and changemakers from nonprofits, foundations, and corporations of every size and mission at the 2016 Independent Sector Conference in Washington, DC. There will be several opportunities to take deep dives into what the polling data means for us, how we will be engaging with a new Congress and Administration this year and beyond, and how you and your organization can become involved in meaningful change for our communities and country.

Whether at the conference or another channel, we hope you’ll continue to remain engaged with us to advocate for public policies that inspire individuals and organizations to improve lives and the natural world and strengthens American democracy.

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