What 2022 TV Show Reflects Your Nonprofit Advocacy Personality?

Streaming, prestige television, and fandoms, oh my! We all know we’re in the Golden Age of TV, meaning there is truly something (great) for everyone, including all of our nonprofit advocates out there. Take the following quiz to find out which buzzworthy new or returning show of 2022 best suits your nonprofit advocacy personality.

1. If I’m headed to a virtual meeting:

A. I want to be comfortable; sweats are ok, especially if you can’t see my whole outfit.
B. I am wearing a full “lewk,” shoes included. Who cares whether I’m at home alone? Style never sleeps!
C. I try and look nice, but it’s ok if I’m not always feeling it.
D. I don’t really think much about how I look. The most important things are the ideas that I’m bringing to the table.

2. I consider social media to be:

A. A fun and surprising place to learn about causes I care about.
B. A place of inspiration: I’m looking for individuals to emulate, and for people to emulate me.
C. An important avenue to share about issues that need attention.
D. An easy way to find community within communities, including ways to help others.

3. When volunteering for a cause I care about, I am most likely to:

A. Hit the streets! What better way to use my energy than by going door to door and sharing about the issues affecting us all?
B. Gather community members to create a phone tree — what an excellent way to throw a party AND make a difference!
C. Dust off my clipboard and get signatures for a petition. It’s a good way to educate others and directly affect a cause I care about.
D. Lobby, lobby, lobby! Why not go directly to policymakers so they can meet a passionate advocate who is concerned about a given issue?

4. One of my advocacy resolutions for the new year includes:

A. Getting more involved with local issues, I’ve done advocacy on behalf of national issues, but I’d like to focus more on my local community in 2022.
B. Include others in my advocacy efforts! I’ve been able to give my time, but I’d like to focus on getting other people involved in my work this year.
C. Clear my schedule, and make sure others’ have cleared theirs: to vote in the midterms this year!
D. Schedule more meetings with policymakers – whether local, state, or federal policymakers, I want my voice to be heard.

5. When I see advocacy depicted in movies and TV, I like to see:

A. Innovation! It is so important to show that advocacy can include everything from voting to letter writing campaigns.
B. Easily incorporation of advocacy into individuals’ lives. You don’t have to sacrifice to be a good advocate!
C. Thoughtful reasoning behind advocacy work. Everyone has an emotional connection to a cause they work on, and that should be seen on our screens.
D. Commitment, even through tough times. Advocacy, like any kind of work, can have its ups and downs. It’s always great to see an advocate committed enthusiastically through the tougher times.

Mostly A’s: The New(ish) Advocate – How I Met Your Father

You may be newer to the advocacy scene, but like the highly anticipated new show, you use your fresh enthusiasm to your advantage, or that of your cause. Keep up the good work!

Mostly B’s: The Stylish Advocate – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Like Amazon’s Mrs. Maisel herself, you prove that hard work and style can go hand in hand. You’re constantly inviting your friends and family into your work, to build a stronger, more inclusive movement.

Mostly C’s: The Emotional Advocate – This is Us

Long-term fans of the emotional show may be sad to say goodbye, but you use your emotional appeals to policy and changemakers alike to create a better world.

Mostly D’s: The Energetic Advocate – Ted Lasso

Who wouldn’t want a Coach Lasso on their team? You bring a real sense of teamwork and non-stop positivity – a key characteristic to any long-haul advocacy fight.

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