Tell Senators to Protect Charities and Communities

The House tax reform bill passed yesterday is a “brutal attack on civil society and democracy.”

But we still have time to make sure the Senate bill protects and expands charitable giving.

The Senate tax reform bill, as it stands today, falls short in its opportunity to protect charities, our communities, and the millions of families that we serve. The bill will raise taxes on charities and limit the incentive for individuals to give. The charitable sector will have fewer resources to enrich communities in countless ways, such as feeding and housing people, caring for seniors, creating arts and culture, or helping guide spiritual wellbeing. This bill would also cause job loss in the charitable sector, the third largest employer in the country. [Get more talking points on the impact of this bill.]

We need nonprofits leaders, employees, volunteers, donors – anyone who understand the impact the charitable sector has on our communities everyday – to make your voices heard, especially during this upcoming week with your elected officials returning home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Take just a few minutes out of your day to tell your Senators to protect charities and the communities we serve.


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  • Skye

    This is criminal. Tax reform for the sake of a policy win for a struggling administration, that serves to undercut the poor and those trying to help them…what a joke.

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