Civic Virtues and the Healing of Partisan Divides

In June 2018, Independent Sector and Stanford Social Innovation Review launched Civil Society for the 21st Century, an article series featuring some of today’s leading thinkers and practitioners exploring current issues in civil society.

At the core of every major religion, the message is love and kindness. Regardless of what one believes, doing good, and having genuine love for humanity are the basis of a thriving civil society.

In this inspirational and uplifting article, Robert A. Boisture, president of the John E. Fetzer Institute, holds up a mirror to civil society and the polarizing effect of partisanship and offers five essential civic virtues to move the nation towards a place of solidarity.

He speaks of the ongoing political power struggle that divides America and warns of the potential long-term effects. But through individuals looking inward and opening their hearts to one another regardless of differences in ideologies, and through bipartisan compromise, Boisture believes civil society can indeed be renewed.

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