Seven Reasons I Can’t Wait for Foundations on the Hill 2022 (April 5-7)

Next week, hundreds of philanthropic leaders from around the country will convene virtually for Foundations on the Hill 2022. If haven’t joined lately, you should know that Foundations on the Hill – April 5-7 – is a premier opportunity for the philanthropic sector to learn, connect, and use its voice to shape the future of our shared work. Independent Sector is proud – along with the Council on Foundations – to serve as a partner to our hosts and leaders at United Philanthropy Forum.  Foundations on the Hill, United Philanthropy Forum, Council on Foundations, Independent Sector, philanthropy, nonprofits

I’ll cut to the chase. You should join us! It is not too late to register.

This event is about much more than meetings. Here are seven reasons why I cannot wait for Foundations on the Hill 2022:

  1. Connection – This is not a conference for listening to marching orders, or simply making requests of legislators. Attendees will have opportunities to network and meet with sector colleagues from across the country. They will be able to schedule meetings, connect with one another, and participate in group chats. And new this year, teams will have the ability to huddle together virtually and have 1-on-1 meetings using the conference’s excellent Swapcard platform.
  2. Spreading the Good Word to Policymakers – When your legislators think about philanthropy, what do they envision? Or maybe the better question is: DO they even think about philanthropy? This is our chance to inform legislators and their staff about the true work of the philanthropic sector, how it plays a critical role in community, and how government policies can help build upon this partnership.
  3. Insider Information – Capitol Hill can seem like a mysterious place, but it is easy to navigate (virtually) with the right guide. You’ll get the latest political and policy analysis from speakers with decades of experience. I am admittedly one of those shadowy figures, but I still learn a ton from my colleagues all the time! All this – not to mention hearing from an elected member of Congress and key congressional and federal agency staff.
  4. Timely Issues – The work of philanthropy and nonprofits is ever-changing, and this conference is your chance to be part of that change in real time. Including an engaging analysis of racial equity in policy development, the latest landscape on donor-advised funds, and a call-to-action on the Census, this program has it all.
  5. Getting Vocal and Social – Once again, attendees will be able to use the Public Policy Action Center during Foundations on the Hill, and can join in the conversation on social media at #FOTH2022. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with elected officials, get advocacy tips in real time, even to share philanthropy-related stories with lawmakers. 
  6. Inspiration Refill – These last couple of years have been tough, and we could all use a boost. In my experience, there is simply nothing that compares to participating in a cutting-edge convening and then standing shoulder-to-shoulder on behalf of your field. One first-time advocate once told me that advocating was affirming. And it is!
  7. It’s Easy – With so much going on, you might have some concern about being overwhelmed or unprepared. Thankfully, the pros at United Philanthropy Forum have prepared straightforward and comprehensive resources to help participants navigate the event and virtual meetings with legislators. You are the expert on your work, and policymakers need to hear about it.

I know I said I would stop at seven, but here’s one more great thing about this virtual edition of Foundations on the Hill: You can attend in your pajama pants! See you there?

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