Research Round Robin: March 2020

Independent Sector has collected another month’s worth of research with broad sector relevance that we’d like to share with you. The research contains important insights on bridging divides and global challenges in 2020.

The Harwood Institute Seeking New Relationship with Communities: How Local Elected Officials Want to Bridge Divides, Distrust, and Doubts

In 2019, The Harwood Institute interviewed 36 leaders to learn how local elected officials view and feel about their interactions with community members. They heard about the tenuous rapport between local officials and the people they serve and, more specifically, the state of outreach and engagement between them.

The interviews revealed a dynamic between officials and the public that is uncomfortably strained by distrust in government. According to the leaders interviewed, people harbor deep doubts about their leaders, and those leaders are seeking a new footing to help them reach past those doubts and the fatigue and limitations that surround traditional outreach and engagement methods.

The resulting report, released in partnership with The Kettering Foundation, details the hopes, challenges, and perspectives of local elected officials as they engage with communities.

InterAction’s Global Situation Report

The 2020 Global Situation Report, presented by InterAction, highlights pressing humanitarian and development challenges facing the world in the next year. The report compiles information solicited from Interaction’s nearly 200 member organizations based on their on-the-ground expertise working with communities in every region of the world.

Add Your Voice

The research summaries above are by no means an exhaustive list of the newest information out there to help us better understand the nonprofit landscape. Did we miss a report you think we should know about and share? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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