Power, Community, and Convening

Some things are difficult to explain in a tweet or a blog post or even a single article. Some ideas just need room to breathe — and Upswell is one of them. That’s why we worked with our friends at The Chronicle of Philanthropy to produce a special supplement in the October issue entitled, “Power, Community, and Convening.”

If you subscribe to The Chronicle in print, you might already have it on your desk. If you’re not a subscriber, the digital version goes live today, and you can access the entire supplement here at no cost.

The supplement takes an in-depth look at how we convene in the 21st century, how power shows up, and the difference that it all makes in building community. It includes articles by David Brooks and Henry Timms, among others, and features and four amazing community leaders in Chicago:  Liz Dozier, founder & CEO of Chicago Beyond, Andrea Faye Hart, co-founder and director of community engagement at City Bureau; Corey Brooks, founder and senior pastor of New Beginnings Church of Chicago and founder and CEO of Project H.O.O.D. Communities Development Corporation; and Silvia Rivera, managing director of Vocalo.

We like to say that Upswell is “a community, not a conference,” and this supplement is the second-best way to understand what that means – and why it matters. Of course, the very best way to understand Upswell is to experience it for yourself, and there’s still time to register for November.

Either way, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read the supplement and let me know what you think.

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