Our Changing World

“The unequal distribution of power and wealth and accelerating degradation of the environment will place growing pressures on social structures, potentially leading to social disruption and even unforeseen innovation in political governance and the social compact. The ripple effects of these twin disruptive forces will both shape and be shaped by the strength of the democratic culture, both domestically and abroad.”

Excerpted from Nine Key Trends Affecting the Charitable Sector, Independent Sector 2015

The stories to follow illustrate the courageous and persistent leadership of IS member organizations in two crucial areas: promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly as it applies to our sector, and combating the degradation of our planet caused by climate change. These organizations and leaders are a sampling of the sector’s broader commitments on these fronts. ISQ welcomes additional examples of important work in these and other priority areas.

Part 1: Philanthropy – Do We Look Like America?
Part 2: Reflections from the D5 Coalition Co-Chairs
Part 3: Natural Allies – IS Members Fight Climate Change
Part 4: Partnerships for a Cooler Planet
Part 5: Mission Possible – Getting Out of Oil at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Part 6: Profound Transformations – An Evolving Look at Climate Change
Part 7: Animating the Arctic in the Motor City


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