Our Approach to Social Sector Engagement on the ACE Act

Independent Sector is excited to host a series of convenings, “ACE-ing Sector Understanding of Philanthropy Reform and the ACE Act,” where we will dive into big-picture conversations around the ACE Act, one of the first pieces of legislation in years attempting to address philanthropy reform. We will host four convenings, each framed through a different lens the sector is using to discuss the ACE Act, trust, equity, resources, and a final convening to bring those learnings together. This series is designed to educate the sector and create a dialogue with experts, and then hear from you on how you think we should be approaching our policy position.

Other groups have done great work to provide an overview of the contents of the ACE Act and host discussions on individual components of the bill. We hope to heed the directive of our Independent Sector Public Policy Committee to foster understanding of the issue as a whole and engage the sector in conversations both about the ACE Act and, more broadly, philanthropy reform. In each convening, we plan to facilitate data-driven conversations in which we engage experts to define the problem and discuss solutions.

Our first convening, “SpACE for Trust: the ACE Act and Trust in Philanthropy,” will be held October 7 at 2 pm ET. We’ll engage Jon Pratt, former Executive Director of Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and Leslie Lenkowsky, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University, to weigh in on key questions around trust, philanthropy, and the ACE Act. Victor Tolomeo of Edelman Data & Intelligence will share data to help us evaluate how policy proposals might increase trust. And, of course, we’ll look to you to share your insights.

Our second convening, “From ACE to Z: Equity Considerations in the ACE Act,” will be held during our Upswell Summit on October 21 at 3:15 pm ET. We’ll be exploring how equity factors into the ACE Act and other policies at the center of the debate around philanthropy reform. We encourage you to join us for this conversation and for other great sessions during Upswell as we work together to unleash civil society’s full potential.

Stay tuned for upcoming details on our November 9 convening, Pocketful of ACEs: Exploring the Flow of Resources in the ACE Act, and our December 1 convening, ACE in the Hole: Bringing Together our Learnings on the ACE Act.

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