November Member Anniversaries

Independent Sector’s members represent the variety of ways that working toward the common good happens in our country, and they reflect an array of unique visions for making a better tomorrow.

Each month, we also get to ring in a number of member-versaries. Check out this month’s anniversaries, and spend some time learning more about each of these organizations!

30 years

The Chicago Community Trust

The Chicago Community Trust is the Windy City’s community foundation and has been going strong for more than a century. Between May 2015 and 2016, they celebrated their centennial year with a series of featured historical stories tracking the Trust’s evolution over the decades. They are committed to improving the Chicago region through strategic grant making, civic engagement, and inspiring philanthropy. They carry out their work through eight signature initiatives, three standing partnership with geographic affiliates and seven identity-focused funds, as well as dozens of project partnerships throughout the Chicago region. Helene D. Gayle has led the Trust since October 2017. She succeeded IS Board member Terry Mazany, who led the Trust between 2004 and 2017.

Learn more | Twitter: @ChiTrust | Facebook: The Chicago Community Trust | Follow Helene Gayle: @helenegayle

5 years

Danosky & Associates

Danosky & Associates is a consulting firm based in New Milford, Connecticut. The firm was founded in 2010 Sharon J. Danosky, who still serves as president. After a long career leading direct service organizations, Danosky transitioned into consulting for organizations across the nonprofit sector a decade ago and hasn’t looked back. Sharon is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer. Danosky & Associates lost a core member of their team in 2017, a golden retriever named Molly, whose heroics as Director of Goodwill (DOG) have been memorialized alongside the bios of her friends and colleagues on the Danosky & Associates staff page.

Learn more | Twitter: @DanoskyAssoc | Facebook: Danosky & Associates

 The Colorado Health Foundation

The Colorado Health Foundation is a product of joint venture between the nonprofit hospital system HealthONE and Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) that began in 1995. For its first 11 years, it operated as HealthONE Alliance primarily through Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs, medical research, community-based programs, and grantmaking. It rebranded to Colorado Health Foundation in 2006 and increased its grantmaking by 500 percent over the next four years. Their assets grew substantially in 2011 after selling equity stake in the HealthONE/HCA venture that launched the foundation. In the years since, the foundation has transitioned from a public charity to private foundation, and undergone strategic shifts to their philanthropic, system-change approach for making Colorado’s communities as healthy as they can be. The foundation is based in Denver and currently led by Karen McNeil-Miller. McNeil-Miller assumed leadership in 2015, succeeding Anne Warhover, the foundation’s previous leader of a decade.

Learn more | Twitter: @COHealthFDN | Facebook: The Colorado Health Foundation | Follow Karen McNeil-Miller: @KarenMsquared

3 years

Emily Davis Consulting

Emily Davis Consulting is a Denver-based firm that engages in creative partnerships with nonprofits and philanthropic organizations to help leaders develop their skills and realize the full potential of their passion and missions. Led and founded by Emily Davis, the firm has served social purpose leaders since 2006. In addition to being a BoardSource senior governance consultant and a 21/64 multigenerational family philanthropy certified advisor, Davis is the author of Fundraising and the Next Generation.

Learn more | Twitter: @AskEmilyD | Facebook: Emily Davis Consulting

Grant Professionals Association

Founded in 1998, the Overland Park, Kansas-based Grant Professionals Association (GPA) is the first organization focused solely on the advancement of grantsmanship as a profession and the support of its practitioners. It currently has 2,800 members internationally, and its reach has grown to currently sustain more than 50 chapters in eight regions across the country. Mike Chamberlain has led GPA since 2015.

Learn more | Twitter: @GPANational | Facebook: Grant Professionals Association


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