Join Tens of Thousands Today in Support of Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

Suffering from a little action alert fatigue? We get it. It’s been an especially tumultuous year for public policy, and the last few months of the year won’t prove to be any easier.

The good news? Your advocacy is starting to make waves, but we need to be stronger – and that’s why it’s so important for you to take just a few minutes today to protect nonprofit nonpartisanship.

Johnson Amendment in Peril

With a tax reform bill expected from the Ways and Means Committee later this week, we continue to hear that a repeal or modification of the Johnson Amendment is under consideration for inclusion in the first draft.

In previous posts, we’ve highlighted just how much this now 63-year old law has meant in establishing the nonprofit sector as the last, strong platform of nonpartisanship in the United States. The threat of its removal could not be more real, creating a world where places of worship and nonprofit organizations could be solicited for political donations and endorsements, upending their nonpartisan nature.

What You Can Do To Help

No matter your mission, protecting the fundamental integrity of the sector is critical. Tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations and advocates are mobilizing today in support of the Johnson Amendment. Here’s three things you can do to help:

  • Visit our action center and tell Congress to protect the charitable community in tax reform, including retaining the Johnson Amendment and strengthening charitable giving
  • Social Media! Send a tweet to your Representative:5500+ #nonprofits, houses of worship agree: don’t change #JohnsonAmendment. Keep politics away from missions


Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do on behalf of the sector – fight on.

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