January 2019 IS Member Anniversaries

Independent Sector’s members represent the variety of ways that working toward the common good happens in our country, and they reflect an array of unique visions for making a better tomorrow.

Each month, we also get to ring in a number of member-versaries. The first month of 2019 was an anniversary month for nine of our members. We’re pleased to end the first month of a new year by sharing a little about each of these organizations that have been a vital part of the IS member community, some for even decades!

40 years

Performing Arts Alliance

The Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) is a Washington, DC-based coalition of several national organizations serving the performing arts sector. It is also one of Independent Sector’s charter members, and their own membership includes IS members Dance/USA and League of American Orchestras. As the leader of an important national coalition, PAA is the national policy advocate, leadership forum, and learning network for America’s nonprofit performing arts organizations, artists, and allies. Dance/USA Executive Director Amy Fitterer currently serves as PAA’s Board Chair.

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25 years

Kerr Foundation

The Kerr Foundation is a nonprofit charitable and educational corporation based in Oklahoma City. It was established to identify and support nonprofit organizations, programs, and institutions that provide new or enhanced opportunities in education, health, human services, and arts and culture. The Kerr Foundation does the majority of its grantmaking in Oklahoma, but its scope also includes organizations in neighboring states that have an important impact on Oklahoma’s cultural growth and development. The foundation is currently led by Lou Kerr.

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10 years

Atlas Corps

Atlas Corps is an international network of social sector leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s most critical challenges. Based in Washington, DC, Atlas Corps was founded in 2006 by Scott Beale. Scott still serves as CEO for this valued member organization, and he’s also one of our NGen alums! In fact, as a member of the 2009 NGen Fellows cohort, Scott participated in the first cycle of the program ten years ago. Atlas Corps’s bread and butter is grounded in cross-cultural exchange as a way of promoting innovation to address social issues. Keeping with their international flavor, Atlas Corps partnered with Lyft last spring for Passport DC, a celebration of the countries most represented by Lyft’s DC-area drivers.

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National Conference on Citizenship

National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) was established in 1946, then chartered by Congress in 1953 to “harness the patriotic energy and civic involvement surrounding World War II.” To illustrate how rare and significant it is to receive such a designation, of America’s 1.8 million nonprofits, less than 100 have been chartered by Congress as of 2016. A subsequent piece of legislation in 2009 specifically codified and expanded the Civic Health Initiative (CHI), one of NCoC’s signature bodies of work and the nation’s largest and most definitive measure of civic engagement. NCoC has also been instrumental in using data and innovative tools to strengthen existing service programs across the country. NCoC is based in Washington, DC and has been led by Sterling Speirn since 2017.

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5 years

AARP Foundation

As AARP’s charitable affiliate, this foundation has served American seniors—members and nonmembers of the parent organization alike—with an ultimate vision of a “country free of poverty where no older person feels vulnerable.” They focus on supporting and creating innovative strategies to ensure that individuals 50 and older have the economic opportunity and social connectedness they need to thrive. AARP Foundation is led by Lisa Ryerson, who has served as president since 2013 following an 18-year tenure as president of Wells College in Aurora, New York.

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The Diabetes Wellness Council

The Diabetes Wellness Council was founded as The Wellness Council for South Carolina in 2006 by Kristi Jacques Falk. Falk herself was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 12. Although the organization has maintained a strong focus on equipping South Carolinians with resources and tips on preventing and managing diabetes, they also have many resources devoted to wellness from a holistic perspective for children and adults. Some of their other resources cover nutrition education and trainings on how to screen for scoliosis. The Diabetes Wellness Council is based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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3 years

The Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation has its origins at the International AIDS Conference in 2002. There, just a year after leaving the White House, President Clinton was asked by the prime minister of the West Indies island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis to help build a health care system that would address the pressing HIV/AIDS pandemic. With subsequent encouragement from Nelson Mandela, Clinton launched the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative. That original initiative is now one of seven core initiatives under the greater Clinton Foundation umbrella. The foundation is headquartered in New York and has been led by Kevin Thurm since April 2017. Thurm succeeded previous leader Donna Shalala who—fun fact—ran for office last fall, and was sworn in just this month to represent Florida’s 27th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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501(c) Services

501(c) Services is an employee-owned company that, in 1982, established the first trust in the U.S. to offer a safe way for nonprofits to legally stop paying the state unemployment insurance tax while still covering unemployment charges for former employees. That trust, called 501(c) Agencies Trust, currently has almost 1,500 participants and saves those nonprofits an estimated $20 million annually. 501(c) Services is based in San Jose and has been led by Darren Bowman since 2013. Prior to stepping into the leadership role, Darren served as 501(c)’s CFO beginning in 2007.

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Northern Trust, Foundation & Institutional Advisory

The Foundation & Institutional Advisory practice is the Washington, DC-based, nonprofit-serving arm of the larger Chicago-based wealth management firm Northern Trust. As either a dedicated investment advisor or as a fully outsourced chief investment officer, this Northern Trust practice helps foundations, endowments, and other nonprofit institutional investors manage their resources—enabling staff at nonprofits to focus on delivering vital services in their communities. The Foundation and Institutional Advisers practice is led by Regional Director Michael Marsh. Marsh has been with Northern Trust since 2014.

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