It’s On Us: The Nonprofit Voter Empowerment Project

A Nonpartisan Pledge Campaign Created by Nonprofits for Nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is an economic powerhouse and an essential partner for policymakers in every level of government. But nonprofit policy priorities and the needs of our communities will only be addressed if policymakers hear directly from our staff and communities, particularly during election season.  

Why Should Charitable Nonprofits Engage Voters?

Nonprofits’ ability to advance our missions hinges upon our stakeholders’ ability to cast their ballot in every election. Registering people to vote, equipping them with reliable and nonpartisan education resources, and reminding them to vote on election day produces benefits that extend far beyond the outcome of a single election. Nonpartisan voter engagement yields a significant return on investment for individuals and nonprofit organizations. Not only are voters more likely to volunteer, give, advocate, and trust nonprofit organizations, they are also more likely to stay informed about local issues and be sought out for input by future candidates and elected officials. 

Nonprofits’ frequent engagement with staff, donors, volunteers, and constituents make our institutions highly effective in helping people vote. Research indicates that nonpartisan voter engagement and education campaigns conducted by charitable nonprofits during the 2020 election were integral in increasing voter turnout in communities with longstanding barriers to access and participation.  

Newly enacted policy changes and procedures will undoubtedly impede access to the ballot box for voters on both sides of the political spectrum. As a result, nonprofits risk losing the civic gains we’ve worked tirelessly for years to achieve.  

Why It Matters for Nonprofits?

It’s simple: Encouraging voter participation not only empowers communities served by nonprofits, it increases our organizations’ impact and ensures elected officials are accountable both during and after an election year. When our staff, donors, volunteers, and people we serve are unable to vote, policymakers are less likely to prioritize the needs of nonprofit constituents nor the policy priorities of nonprofit organizations that serve them.  

Without collective action, nonprofits face the grim prospect of losing our policy influence, donors, and volunteers. Robust nonpartisan voter engagement is the sector’s best defense to ensure nonprofits have a seat at the table to inform the policy decisions that impact our organizations and the communities we serve.  

Nonprofit institutions have long been a trusted source of objective and nonpartisan election information. If not the nonprofit sector, who will step in to help? If not now, when is a more appropriate time to protect our communities and missions? It’s On Us to empower the electorate to ensure that our missions and communities are not silenced. 

A One-Stop-Shop for Nonprofit Voter Engagement Needs

We know you’re busy, but not to worry. We’ve developed a one-stop-shop that nonprofits of all missions and sizes can seamlessly integrate into their existing services and programs. The Nonprofit Voter Empowerment Project is a nonpartisan pledge campaign that was developed in partnership with Nonprofit VOTE to support nonprofits as they work to increase voter participation among their staff, grantees, volunteers, and constituents in 2022 and beyond. Participating organizations can use the Nonprofit Empowerment Pledge and Nonpartisan Voter Engagement Playbook to tailor voter engagement strategies to meet their organization’s unique needs. 

Take The Pledge Today

In two simple steps your nonprofit can join the growing list of changemakers who are committed to advancing their individual missions and the sector’s collective impact: 

  • Use the Nonprofit Voter Empowerment Playbook to develop and implement a Nonprofit Voter Engagement Plan to expand your nonprofit’s knowledge, skills, and organizational capacity   
  • Integrate the recommended voter engagement practices into your nonprofit’s programming to increase voter participation among your staff and constituents   

Since its inception, the nonprofit sector has met community needs with innovative solutions and essential services. Protecting our constituent’s right to participate in civic and democratic activities is no different. Taking the Nonprofit Voter Empowerment Pledge can be the difference in whether the constituents you serve are able to make their voices heard during the 2022 midterm election. 

Types: All
Global Topics: Civil Society, Race, Equity, and Inclusion
Focus Areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Policy Issues: Lobbying & Political Activity