Don’t Let Representatives Gut the Johnson Amendment

This week, the House of Representatives is expected to consider a package of legislation that includes the annual Financial Services appropriations bill, which contains language that will dramatically weaken the Johnson Amendment for any “church.” By allowing political donations to become tax-deductible through one type of nonprofit, the provision would do irreparable harm to ALL nonprofits.

Gutting this decades-old protection of nonpartisanship would tear nonprofits away from their missions, erode public trust in the sector, and help political donors dodge taxes at the expense of the federal treasury.

Representatives need to hear from the nonprofit community that they represent. Please take two minutes to call your Representative’s office today and urge them not to gut the Johnson Amendment.

You could say something like:

“I’m calling to urge you to not weaken the Johnson Amendment, which has protected nonprofit organizations from partisan influence for over sixty years. The Financial Services appropriations bill that you will be voting on this week would dramatically weaken these protections for some nonprofits and would do lasting damage to the entire sector. I hope you will protect the Johnson Amendment by removing Section 112 of the Financial Services appropriations bill.”

 Call your Representative now.

Because Representatives are voting this week, a phone call is the most timely way to make your voice heard. But getting on record by email is also a powerful way to show our sector’s support for these critical protections.

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