Defining the Common Good and Leading Change

Four of our colleagues have returned from their month-long immersion at Detroit-based design studio, Civilla—a journey documented throughout the second season of Civilla’s One Billion podcast. The season’s three-part finale, shared over the past three weeks, captures their final days in Detroit.

The episodes chronicle our senior leadership team’s visit to Civilla to learn about the group’s final exhibit. Since the quartet’s return, they have installed the same exhibit in our DC office. The exhibit first characterizes “the common good,” then introduces two very different individuals doing change work, and begins to imagine how IS might redesign our conference experience and engagement strategy. Since the exhibit walkthroughs, the Civilla returnees have also embraced the charge of helping our entire staff redesign our organization’s culture.

To learn more about the culminating exhibit, the reactions of our senior team, and the mindsets of Christian Clansky, Marie LeBlanc, Pickett Slater Harrington, and Troy Adkins before returning to DC, check out the last three episode of this season of One Billion.

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