Our Common Future Weekly Roundup – October 9

Each Monday through October 23, we’ll be sharing a weekly roundup of the latest news and stories from Our Common Future.

With two weeks to go until changemakers from all over the country gather in Detroit this October 25-27, here are some of the past week’s highlights from the Our Common Future blog.

Speaker Q&A: Gary Wozniak

RecoveryPark’s Gary Wozniak talks with us about local food, nonprofit/for-profit hybrid business models, social mission, and advice for every entrepreneur. Gary will be joining two other Detroit entrepreneurs in conversation with Mo Rocca on the main stage at Our Common Future.

Everyone Loves Recess

Playworks Network Strategy Officer Gihani Fernando talks to us about the importance of collaboration in making safe and healthy play a reality for many more kids. Gihani, Playworks CEO Jill Vialet, and Playworks Michigan ED Angela Rogensues will be joining us later this month in Detroit for Our Common Future!

Detroit Inside & Out: Innovation & Inspiration Tour

We’ll be kicking off Our Common Future with visits to some of Detroit’s most iconic and innovative neighborhoods and landmarks. One of our Detroit Inside and Out tours is headed to Ponyride and TechTown.

Our Common Future’s Hostess With the Mostest: 5 Detroit Disinctions

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of the history, facts, and trivia we’ve been sharing over the past few months about Our Common Future’s host city of Detroit, but to boot, here are five things you may not know about America’s comeback city.

Leading From Where You Are

AchieveMission’s Mikaela Seligman challenges us to rethink our understanding of leadership. Preview the topic of a session she’ll be leading at Our Common Future in just a few weeks!

Visions for Our Common Future – October 8

Every Sunday, we collect some of the most timely and thought-provoking media we can find from the visionaries that will be at Our Common Future for our weekly Visions newsletter. Check out this week’s, featuring precussionist Chi Amen-Ra, Attendance Works Hedy Chang, and Createquity’s Ian David Moss.

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