Our Common Future Weekly Roundup – October 2

Each Monday through October 23, we’ll be sharing a weekly roundup of the latest news and stories from Our Common Future.

With three weeks to go until changemakers from all over the country gather in Detroit this October 25-27, here are some of the past week’s highlights from the Our Common Future blog.

Speaker Q&A: Open Road Alliance

What aspect of delivering services in the social sector do you think we most take for granted? With billions of dollars on the line every year, Open Road Alliance makes the case that risk management often eludes our radars in the absence of industry standards for discussing, assessing, or planning for risk in philanthropy. Check out our interview with Open Road Alliance for a preview of their session on risk management at Our Common Future.

Speaker Q&A: Dottie Schindlinger

What is generative governance and does it really have the power to transform your board’s dynamic? Diligent Corporation’s Dottie Schindlinger thinks so. Check out our interview with her on the subject for a preview of her session at Our Common Future!

Visions for Our Common Future – October 1

Every Sunday, we collect some of the most timely and thought-provoking media we can find from the visionaries that will be at Our Common Future for our weekly Visions newsletter. Check out this week’s, featuring artist Chace “Mic Write” Morris, Raffa P.C.’s Tom Raffa, and Center for Rural Entrepreneurship’s Deb Markley.

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