How Can Detroit Elevate the Conversation on Community Solutions?

We were delighted to receive 162 thoughtful proposals for our inaugural Call for Sessions for Our Common Future. With submissions from nonprofits, for-profits, foundations, and B corps, the depth and variety is truly striking. Now, as we sort through the contenders, we are asking ourselves: How can Detroit elevate the conversation on community solutions?

Detroit is a city ripe with history, culture, wisdom, deep divisions, and hope of a resurgence, which is powered by the might of its citizens. We want our conference lineup to reflect that. So, how will we narrow down submissions to fit the available time slots?

To begin, we are evaluating each session on the criteria outlined (i.e. innovative formats, deepening relationships between participants, action-oriented learning). Then we ask ourselves a series of questions including: Would we fly to Detroit for this session? Would the changemakers of Detroit and beyond recognize this session as something relevant to them? Does this session wrestle with a topic that would accelerate the good work being done in Detroit and nationally?

Even with all these filters, we still find ourselves with more high-quality sessions than we can possibly accommodate in a three-day conference. We hope to turn some of this great content into webinars for our members, because it’s simply too good to go to waste.

To all those who submitted sessions, a sincere thank you. We are committed to notifying everyone of their status by June 2. We also plan a public announcement in mid-June so watch your inbox and get ready to register. Our Common Future will be here before you know it.

Katie Jones is the director of sector advancement and convenings at Independent Sector.

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