7 Things to Know about Upswell

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Upswell, the all-new event powered by Independent Sector happening in Los Angeles this Nov. 14-16. But just in case you haven’t been tracking, here are the seven most important updates:

1. Early bird rates end next Tuesday.

You can save $400 on the regular registration rate through 7/31. One way to think of it? You’ll save enough for a coast-to-coast roundtrip plane ticket.

2. The Public Square is going to be awesome.

You haven’t experienced anything quite like the Public Square. It’s where creativity, innovation, science, spirituality, and strategy collide in unexpected ways. It’s better experienced than described, but here’s a preview.

3. The Main Stage will open your imagination.

We’re thrilled that some of the nation’s biggest thinkers will be joining us for Upswell. And we’ll be announcing more soon!

4. You’ll get to see the real LA.

There’s no point in being in Los Angeles if we don’t take the time to immerse ourselves in city’s vibrant communities. LA Inside & Out tours will guide you on diverse journeys of inspiration and innovation throughout the City of Angels (and beyond).

5. The way to your heart might be through your stomach.

Creatively curated Upswell Community Dinners give you the chance to get out into the community to experience firsthand how food and mission can go together. Here’s what’s on the menu so far.

6. The Upswell story lives on the blog.

If you haven’t been reading, there’s plenty to catch up on. Learn about the history and development of Upswell, meet the changemakers who will be there, dive into the schedule, and be prepared for a few unusual takes!

7. Registration rates increase next week.

Right, we already said that. But $400 is a lot of money to save!


Register today at Upswell.org!

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