3 Ways to Use the Independent Sector Action Center

As an employee, volunteer, or donor to a charitable organization, you are the expert on how policy proposals affect your organizations, your communities, and your neighbors. Independent Sector wants to help you reach your lawmakers on the federal level to ensure they understand how their policy proposals affect your organizations and the communities you serve. Here are three ways you can use our new Action Center to educate policymakers today.

  1. Schedule a Meeting
    In case you have not heard, it’s August Recess! This is the time when Members of Congress and their staff leave Washington and head back to their home states and districts to meet with their constituents. Take advantage of their homecoming by scheduling a meeting to share your expertise on issues critical to your mission. Schedule a meeting at their district office or invite them to visit your organization.
  2. Email your Members of Congress
    This August, we also encourage you to educate lawmakers on issues that matter to you through emailing their offices directly. You can use the IS Action Center to email policymakers to expand the charitable deduction, prevent budget cuts, and protect charities from partisan politics.
  3. Tell Us About Your August Recess Experience
    We’re in this together. If you hear something noteworthy from your Members of Congress or their staff about an issue that matters to the charitable community, let us know! We will collect this information to inform our own work and share information with the rest of the community.

Visit the Action Center.

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