29 Ways to Make the Most of Leap Day!

It’s 2020! That means a lot of things – including the census, the Presidential election, and an extra day thanks to Leap Year! So what should we do with the extra day? Not to worry. Here are 29 ways to make the most of Leap Day!

  1. Email your Member of Congress
  2. Call your Member of Congress
  3. Tweet at your Member of Congress
  4. Visit your Member of Congress in their local office
  5. Sign a petition on an issue that you care about – then share it on social media
  6. Learn about your state or local nonprofit community
  7. Volunteer
  8. Confirm your state’s voter registration deadline
  9. Register to vote
  10. Find your polling place
  11. Sign up to canvas
  12. Phone or text bank for a candidate
  13. Pledge to be Counted in the Census #CountMeIn
  14. Ask your retailer to use paper instead of plastic, especially when ordering online
  15. Use your expertise! Write an op-ed, blog post, or long but impactful Facebook post on an issue you care about.
  16. Attend your local community’s monthly meeting
  17. Attend a hearing
  18. Attend a rally
  19. Find and listen to a new podcast
  20. Sign up for a walk or race that’s raising awareness or collecting funding to solve an issue that you care about
  21. Research an issue you want to learn more about
  22. Join a professional working group
  23. Sign up for a professional development course
  24. Change your email signature to include your pronouns
  25. Start making travel plans for Upswell 2020 in Pittsburgh (my hometown!)
  26. Find your advocacy horoscope
  27. Rest and re-energize
  28. If you really want to go big, why not make a plan to run for office?
  29. In honor of Women’s History Month during March, follow women doing great things who reflect the breadth of diversity in the social sector on social media

Now that you have 29 things to choose from, tweet about how you plan to #LeapIntoAction this year!

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