Organizational Relationships

Relationships among organizations are complex and can engage a variety of actors and structures. This focus area considers the relationships between and among nonprofits, foundations, and the communities that they serve. We also explore effective relationship-building across silos – within the charitable sector and across charitable, for-profit, and public sectors.

We start our exploration with a deep dive into cross sector collaboration. Today’s complex social issues require the collective efforts of nonprofits, foundations, business, government, and communities to develop robust solutions. We explore what collaboration across sectors looks like, and the capacities needed to effectively lead cross-sector work.

For more information on our perspective and framing on this topic, please read our introductory blog post, A Framework for Learning about Cross-Sector Collaboration.

This focus area was curated in partnership with


About the resources

The resources presented here were selected by Independent Sector in partnership with the Presidio Institute, an expert in the field of cross sector leadership. The Presidio Institute leveraged its experience in the field and conducted extensive research into the landscape of cross sector collaboration to identify the top resources supporting effective practice.

These resources mark our first compilation of content, and the organizational relationships focus area will expand over time to include additional sub-topics, emerging thinking and best practices, and recommendations from the field.

Significant documentation exists of best practices for building organizational relationships in the charitable sector. Within this focus area, we will lift up existing bodies of already-curated work that provide strong foundations in areas such as strategic restructuring and mergers, collective impact, and engaging boards in collaboration.

For other areas where a core information hub doesn’t already exist, we will curate existing resources, including cross sector collaboration, communicating across siloes, and constituent engagement.