Nonprofit Capital

Revenue sources for the sector are shifting, as are organizational strategies for securing capital. The implications of this changing resource landscape are many – from business models to policy responses.

This focus area considers new sources of private capital for the charitable community, and the opportunities and risks inherent in new structures and models for both funders and nonprofits.

We explore innovative philanthropic and capital strategies for funding social good and the innovative organizational structures that enable nonprofits to better access new forms of capital. We also examine federal-level policy ramifications to these new structures as they might arise.

For more information on our perspective and framing on this topic, please read our introductory blog post, The New Philanthropy Movement Raises New Questions.

This focus area was curated in partnership with


  • […] Early in 2016, Independent Sector began working with experts to identify a selective list of best existing resources to help the charitable community address challenges in three critical areas: Diversity, equity, and inclusion; nonprofit capital; and organizational relationships. To conclude our focus areas work, our resource curation partners for each subject area have shared concluding blog posts for their respective set of resources. This post comes from Keely Hanson of The Urban Institute, our curation partner for resources about nonprofit capital. […]

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About the resources

The resources presented here were selected by Independent Sector in partnership with Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, an expert in analyzing the current state and future trends of the philanthropy and nonprofit sector. The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy leveraged their experience in the field and conducted extensive research into the landscape of nonprofit capital to identify the top resources supporting effective practice. The nonprofit capital focus area was also informed by two advisors: Lester Salamon, Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies and Jennifer Talansky, Nonprofit Finance Fund, who contributed their expertise in the academic and practitioner realms, respectively.

These resources mark our first compilation of content, and will expand over time to include additional sub-topics, emerging thinking and best practices, and recommendations from the field.