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Monday, June 29 - Monday, June 29, 2015 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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In-person Meeting

Partnership for Public Service
Washington, DC

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The DC tagline, shared by Dan Cardinali, reflected the conversation’s grounding in participant’s desire to be action-oriented, to ride the wave of the trends facing our sector, and to harness those energies as we work to address the many challenges facing our community and our society.

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On June 29, leaders of the DC charitable community, representing both local and national organizations, gathered to discuss the trends impacting our sector, the need to be future-oriented in order better to anticipate and address tomorrow’s challenges and, within that context, how to think differently about the way in which we work. Participants considered issues impacting not only their individual organizations, but also examined challenges and opportunities facing the broader sector and society. Among the issues addressed were the implications of inequality and related societal schisms, diversity and leadership, sector funding models, technological advances and their consequences, and the need for ongoing efforts to better communicate the value and impact of our sector. With an eye towards continuous enhancement of our efforts, the more than 120 leaders in attendance engaged in a robust discussion regarding collaboration, sharing a number of examples springing from local efforts. Importantly, as leaders and their organizations strive to make a more meaningful difference through their work, the conversation also reflected the desire to understand more fully how collaboration can be harnessed and leveraged to greatest advantage.

If you weren’t able to follow the D.C. conversation on social media, be sure to check out our Storify to see what people were sharing online using #ThreadsWDC and #ThreadsDC.