The Civil Rights Movement and the Future of Racial Equity in Policy

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM (ET)

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The Civil Rights Movement defined one of the most consequential and hopeful periods in American history.

Yet, six decades later, our nation now finds itself in the desperate position of having failed to harness the power of that movement to create the just and equitable society. And while there is no denying that significant progress has been made, the concept of good public governance can only be achieved when the systems and policies that sustain it are equitable to all citizens.

In this moment where a national existential crisis meets the opportunity of new beginnings, we have the chance to move beyond lamentations and into immediate action – with huge advances to be gained through strategic advocacy. Systemic change will undoubtedly require a paradigm shift in decision-making for institutions as well as policymakers. Nonprofits can lead the charge by developing community solutions that place racial equity at the center of our collective impact. What does it mean to integrate equity into nonprofit and civic infrastructure policies? Does a commitment to supporting equitable policy obligate an organization to advocate outside of its area of expertise?

You’re invited to join the passionate descendants of Civil Rights Movement leaders for an exploration of the impact of the equality movement, how it shows up in our current policy environment, and how that all guides us for the future of nonprofit advocacy.

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