Upswell Pop-Up: Bridging Toward Belonging

Upcoming Event
Tuesday, June 21, 2022 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM (ET)

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Event Details

You can’t thrive if you don’t belong. If you consider the biggest challenges our society faces — the racial, economic, and ideological divides that are rapidly deepening as they tear us further apart — it’s clear that our systems do little to ensure all people belong. But how do we close those divides and heal the deep wounds? We do it through bridge building — the foundation of harnessing collective and shared power. During our Upswell Summer Pop-Up, you’ll receive tangible tools to increase your bridge-building skills, unpack why trust and connection is critical to the process, and discuss why belonging is necessary in order to build a healthy and just nation where all thrive. Registration for this virtual Pop-Up is free.


Upswell Pop-Ups keep our Upswell community connected. It’s how we “keep it real” throughout the year. Each Pop-Up has a different focus – binding our ties as people and communities, making sense of the changing world around us, and exploring big ideas about how to tackle what comes next.

New this year – the Exchanges will be the last segment of each Pop-Up, so you can immediately share your reflections on what you heard while it is fresh in your mind,  These segments will be facilitated by Dr. Cheryl Hall-Russell, President and Chief Cultural Consultant of Black Women Wise Women, LLC, whom you may remember as facilitator of last year’s Pop-Up Exchanges.

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