Vision, Purpose, and Beliefs

We envision a world of engaged individuals, robust institutions, and vibrant communities working together to improve lives and the natural world, and strengthen democratic societies. To help create this future, we lead and catalyze the charitable community, partnering with government, business, and individuals to advance the common good.


Collective Solutions – We find better solutions to complex problems when diverse groups, committed to the common good, come together in networks of responsibility.

Opportunity, Respect, and Inclusiveness – Societies thrive when all people have equal opportunity to succeed, are treated with respect, and can fully participate in the life of the community.

The Power of the Charitable Community – By taking bold risks, encouraging creativity, fostering collaboration, and inspiring optimism, the sector is a vital, leading force in improving lives and the natural world, and strengthening democratic societies.

Responsible, Transparent Institutions – Democratic societies rely on transparent, ethical, and accountable institutions and people.
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