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Laura Callanan
  • Consultant, Social Sector Office
  • McKinsey and Company
Want to “Lead Through Data?” First create a learning culture April 18, 2012                  
Pamela Acosta Marquardt
  • Founder and Director
  • Donor Relations of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
The Personal Side of Data April 11, 2012
Dan Siroker
  • Co-Founder & CEO
  • Optimizely, Inc.    Simplifying Monstrously Large Data
Simplifying Monstrously Large Data April 2, 2012
David Kroodsma
  • data journalist
Data Journalism March 27, 2012

Jacqueline Quintanilla Aker
  • Senior Vice President, Health & Multicultural Marketing
  • Edelman
Public Engagement Campaigns Grounded in Data Can Have an Impact March 26, 2012
Sarah Hunter
  • Behavioral Scientist
  • RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization  
Promoting Success: Using Data to Inform Decision Making March 21, 2012

Bernadette Sangalang, Ph.D.
  • independent contractor 
5 Tips (and Lots of Tools) to Become an Evaluation-Savvy Nonprofit Leader March 15, 2012

Tom Pollak
  • Director of National Center for Charitable Statistics
  • Urban Institute
Data that Empowers the Community March 7, 2012
Brian Gallagher
  • President and CEO
  • United Way Worldwide   
To Find Better Data, First Turn Outward Toward the Community March 5, 2012
Leslie Payne
  • Senior Director of Innovation and Creative Services
  • Arabella Advisors
Data Visualization February 23, 2012

Jake Porway, Drew Conway, and Craig Barowsky
  • DataKind (formerly Data Without Borders)
Data for the Greater Good February 17, 2012

Phil Buchanan
  • President
  • Center for Effective Philanthropy
Data Matters: Let’s Look Within To Find Our Exemplars February 15, 2012
Gretchen Van der Veer, Ph.D.
  • Director
  • Leadership Development and Training Corporation for National and Community Service
What it Means to be a "Data-Driven Organization" February 9, 2012                      

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