Advocacy Materials

Use these documents as reference materials and leave behinds when meeting with elected officials. (Learn more about key messages that will resonate with lawmakers.) Please also share these resources with your members and affiliates.

America's Nonprofit Sector | Nonprofit Sector Revenues | State Profiles | IRA Rollover One Pager
Charitable Deduction Leave Behind | Charitable Deduction FAQs

America's Nonprofit Sector National Profile

Highlights the economic value of the sector, its partnership with government, and today's challenges. Download

Sector Revenue Factsheet Nonprofit Sector Revenues

Illustrates the diversity of the sector among different service areas and how Americans support the sector. Download

State Profiles Download State Profiles

These materials highlight the economic importance, diversity and community impact of the nonprofit sector in each of the 50 states. View and download all 50 state profiles

IRA Rollover

Provides a background and key arguments to support the IRA Rollover and why it should be permanently extended. Download

Charitable Deduction Leave Behind Charitable Incentives One-Pager

Highlights the key arguments and talking points of why Congress should reject proposals to limit the value of deductions for charitable donations. Download

Charitable Incentives One-Pager Charitable Deduction FAQs

Answers and provides data to address tough, frequently asked questions about the charitable deduction. Download

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